Founding Corporations/Organizations The objectives of the activities of the Consortium include: studies and research on security and interoperability issues for secure and stable IPv6 usage, proposal and verification of countermeasures against identified issues, and smooth information sharing amongst relevant parties.

Conditions for Participation

1. Provision and installation of IPv6-compliant products and services facilitating the verification activities of the Consortium.
2. Provision of technical support for the products and services provided and installed, and participation in investigations into any issues found.
3. Active participation in verification activities (verification plans, determination of content, and actual verification work).

※ As a general rule, participation is accepted at the corporation/organization level.


No enrollment or annual fees are required.


Please send the "Application Form" to the Executive Office via e-mail. We will send detailed information when we receive your application.
IPv6 Technical Verification Consortium Application Form Application Form


IPv6 Technical Verification Consortium Executive Office

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